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Trade centers

Trade centers

Retail and small-scale wholesale objects: Owners of retail and wholesale networks are interested not only in goods safety but also in saving storage costs. That is the very reason VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. is a leader not only in the segment of safety systems, but also in the sphere of smoke exhaust and fire protection systems installation in retail sector. Besides, trade networks confide us carrying out fire protection management - FPM. Many well-known trade networks are in the list of our Customers — ‘O'Key' hypermarket (Kyiv, Kryvyy Rig, Zaporizhya), Amstor (Donetsk and Zaporizhya), Megabud, 4Room and others.

We support company ‘METRO Cash and Carry' since opening of the first hypermarket.  Since 2003 our company has installed safety systems in 25 trade centers of METRO line all around Ukraine. For this chain were designed and installed following systems: automatic fire alarm system, automatic gas fire extinguishing system of the server rooms, natural heat and smoke exhaust system.
It worth to pay special attention to our consulting service: FPM — we support/consult ‘METRO Cash & Carry' on fire safety issues during the whole period of brand being present on Ukrainian market.

"Metro Cash & Carry"

Goods and people safety is the major company value for this distribution network-giant. Being on Customer’s side, we did our best to meet all possible requirements at realization of O’Key hypermarket network stores (Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye). VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. installed automatic fire extinguishing system, automatic drencher curtains, fire alarm system, public address system, automatic smoke exhaust system, fire valves pumping station automatics. Our company starting with the design stage provides trade centers with fire protection management service (FPM).

O’Key hypermarket network