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High-rise buildings

High-rise buildings

Upkeep of high-rise buildings involves high safety requirements. Due to the fact that capital development concept provides for the high into the air construction, high-rise buildings safety became one of VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. strategic business lines. Some of the projects were already realized by our company. For example, VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. developed design of fire protection system for complex Serebryanyy Briz (Silver Breeze). Many projects are at construction stage at the moment, for example our company offers experimental solutions for 6 high-rise complexes (up to 200 m high), which are under construction now.

VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. offers special functionally oriented package of services for shopping and entertainment centers. When developing our service package we have studied in details experience of shopping and entertainment centers located abroad and consulted specialized developing companies. In the capital central trade center our company has installed automatic fire alarm system, public address system and automatic fire extinguishing system.

Shopping and entertainment complex Olimpiysky

For apartment complex "Serebryanyy Briz" were designed and installed the following systems:
1. Automatic fire alarm system.
2. Public address and evacuation management system.
3. Electrical equipment, electrical lightning.
4. Fire safety building management system.

Apartment complex "Serebryanyy Briz"