engineer solutions system integrator



VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. as an engineer solutions system integrator provides the Customer with full package of services on survey, design, equipment supply, system installation, guarantee and post guarantee services.


VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. offers its Customers highly qualified approach to design, provides package of services on fire protection management and coordination/approval of all design solutions.

Our specialists will provide qualified development of all documents necessary to obtain Technical conditions for design development and undergo expert review in state institutions. At the stage of design development we review and analyze all alternative variants to define the most effective solution. We guarantee achieving economic "cost/functionality" ratio for all technical solutions.

Equipment supply

Our company supplies and uses equipment of the world leading manufacturers of all core systems. One of our main tasks is evaluation and selection of innovative technologies and their adaptation to local norms. We obtain Ukrainian certificates of conformity, and as a result provide our Customers with the equipment which meets national conditions, price policy and other criteria, and allows using the most advanced technical innovations.


VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. consists of specialized installation subdivisions providing top quality installation and commissioning operations. Our sound reputation allows us perform installation in different objects — starting with shop to industrial and military objects and objects of experimental building.


VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. service centers provide guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of installed equipment and systems 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days of the year. All operations are performed by the subdivisions with authorized dealer certificate and permissions.