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One of the main advantages being our partner is getting indisputable quality and comprehensive service. We work every day to implement these principles and put high value on each and every Customer. Having addressed us only once you will intend to become our regular customer and partner. Partnership VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. is open for partnership with all companies present in the market. If you got interested in cooperation, please, register and we will be pleased to answer all your queries. For the period of work in the market and due to remarkably high import turnover companies of the group concluded exclusive partnership agreements with the world leading manufacturers.

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Service centers

VTP TRANSEXPO service centers provide guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of installed equipment and systems 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days of the year. All operations are performed by the subdivisions with authorized dealer certificate.

Our service center can maintain also systems installed by other companies.
Service center hotline works day and night.

+38 (067) 466-60-11

Work standards

VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. is solid in keeping to the highest work standards. Company faithfully executes Ukrainian laws and has passed quality certification in accordance with international ISO standards.


VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. has been working according to international quality standards much longer than one year already.

In 2002 Transexpo Corporation and all member companies, including VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd., one of the first in the market successfully passed ISO certification audit and obtained quality certificate of international standard. At the beginning VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. introduced quality management system ISO 9001:1994, in 2003 company enhanced quality management system to meet ISO 9001:2000 requirements and received corresponding TÜV CERT certificate. Quality management system was assessed and approved by certification center “TÜV Nord Ukraine”.

In 2007 company confirmed the compliance of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 in the frame of recertification audit.

Quality management system is developed in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000, national standard GSTU (industry standard of Ukraine) ISO 9001-2001.

VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. quality management system allows performing design, installation, commissioning and maintenance operations in accordance with Customer’s requirements, specifications and normative documents of Ukraine.

Quality guidelines define main rules and processes required for preparation, control, fulfillment and acceptance of works, cooperation and planning. All employees bear responsibility for meeting quality management system requirements to construction and installation operations performance.

VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. quality management guidelines include Quality manual, Operational procedures, Work instructions, Work regulations, Quality system processes diagram, album of document forms, current national, industrial standards and standards of Ukraine, positions description and subdivisions regulation. Process control engineer performs works quality and acceptance inspection in accordance with normative and technical documentation, Customer’s requirements and needs at all stages of project realization.


VTP TRANSEXPO Ltd. works in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine, in compliance with all local norms and international standards, on the basis of all required licenses and permits, according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements, namely:

  • Certificate No. 321214071/1 and UA-GC / 1/161: 2017 for the quality management system;
  • Certificate No. 271214063/1 TMS and UA-GC / 3/131: 2017 for the labor protection system;
  • Certificate UA-GC / 2/161: 2017 for the environmental management system;
  • License of the Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine registration number 2015047570;
  • License of the State Emergency Situations Service of Ukraine Series AE No. 522889;
  • Resolution of the Main Directorate of State Labor in the Kiev Region No. 2519.17.32;
  • Certificate of the State Committee for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine series AB No. 112709 and No. 112710;

And proved to be the company which applies the most advanced and reliable technologies.