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Automation systems

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Recent trends in industrial and domestic management systems indicate the development of automation technologies. Over the last decade, significant changes have taken place: automation has shifted from wired to wireless control over simple and complex control programs. Already with existing types of automation systems, the management process becomes progressive and provides greater productivity at lower cost.

Automation means the state of automatic control of equipment or vehicles. It is the next step after mechanization, when manual labor is required to perform the functions. Due to the automation of equipment, manual labor is reduced by computer and automated equipment.

What is an automation system?

Process automation system or automation system (PAS – Process automation system) is used for automatic control of processes such as chemical, paper, refineries, etc.

It includes:

  • Building management system;
  • Early emergency detection system.

High quality, accuracy, productivity, lower labor costs and safety are the best arguments for automation systems.

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Purpose of PAS

In the absence of automation of technological processes, plant operators have to monitor physically performance. And product quality to determine the best parameters for activation of production equipment. Maintenance is carried out at set intervals. As a rule, it leads to operational inefficiencies and hazardous conditions of use.

Process automation solves this with the help of detectors, which are located in many places in the plant. They collect data on temperature, pressure, flows, etc. The information is stored and analyzed on a computer. And the entire plant and each item of production equipment can be tracked on a large screen in the control room.

Then the factory settings are automatically adjusted to achieve optimal production. Plant operators can manually change process automation systems if necessary.

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