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Security systems

Security systems are one of the main activities of the VTP Transexpo company. We always guarantee high quality at all stages of installation – from design to installation of equipment.

What is a security system?

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The most accurate definition is contained in its name. This is a complex of means and methods to protect the object.

These include:

  • gas contamination control system;
  • access Control System
  • intrusion alarm system
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

Design process of security system is one of the most important stages in arrangement of integrated system. Even the most insignificant mistake in the project can make it vulnerable to a potential attacker.

During design, it is necessary to determine the tasks that system should solve. In order to develop correctly an integrated security system.

We take into account many factors, in particular, the size of the building and its surrounding area. This allows us to create an impeccable security system and ensure maximum protection of any object, taking into account its specifics and also regardless of scope.

Installation of a security system is the final stage of our work. Which provides the client with a 100% guarantee that the system will function for a long time and without interruption.

A team of professionals of our company can quickly and efficiently install a video surveillance system, an alarm and access control system, as well as provide timely service maintenance for all our equipment.

Significance of the security system

The security system allows to protect your family, property, business. VTP Transexpo company has really proved that it can provide its clients with the most reliable security systems. Her evidence of this is more than a dozen successful Ukrainian companies that have entrusted us with their security.

Whether it is an alarm system, a video surveillance system, access control or an integrated security system. – all our services guarantee you undisturbed sleep and confidence in the future.

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