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Fire safety systems

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Fire safety is an integral part for business owners. Fire can break out in an instant and spread to other objects and structures in a short period of time. Businesses that invest in the fire protection systems recognize their importance. In case of fire, these systems reduce damage to buildings, structures, expensive equipment, documents and inventory. Fire extinguishing systems, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are all parts of the fire protection systems that help detect fire and protect occupants of buildings and also equipment.

A fire protection system is a complex of technical means and organizational measures aimed at preventing the impact of dangerous factors of fire on people and limiting material damage from it (DSTU 2272-93).

Fire protection systems include:

  • automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system;
  • internal fire water supply system;
  • automatic drencher fire extinguishing system;
  • public address and evacuation management system;
  • automatic fire extinguishing of kitchen equipment;
  • automatic gas fire extinguishing system;
  • automatic powder fire extinguishing system;
  • automatic fire alarm system;
  • Fire protection dispatching;
  • smoke protection system;
  • fire protection system;
  • lightning protection system.
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Advantages of fire protection systems

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It is important to understand the functionality of fire protection systems. They all work differently, but have a common goal: to detect fire and protect the building, its occupants and valuables.

One of the main advantages of these systems is that in the long run – it saves money. Think about the business and investments in manufacturing, equipment and infrastructure. If fire has a very high probability at an enterprise, then if it occurs, the company can incur colossal losses.

Another advantage of some types of fire protection systems is the automatic sending of emergency services. These systems will work to extinguish fire immediately and will notify the control body to send emergency specialists to your location.

Determination of the appropriate fire protection system

When choosing and installing the system, it is important to work with a company that has a comprehensive understanding of your needs, which can arrange your fire protection settings that suit you.

VTP Transexpo has a comprehensive approach to solve the problem of fire safety, providing full competent support of all aspects of fire protection, allowing at the stage of the architectural and construction concept to identify the vulnerabilities of the fire safety system of the facility, and find acceptable solutions for the client, which not only violate the main idea of the object, but also help to optimize the costs.