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Audiovisual complexes

Audiovisual complexes (AV) have been used for a long time in every sector of society. Business, education, government, medicine, sports and other industries are hard to imagine without them. The main task of AV complexes is the transmission of sound and images for a large number of people and the connection between them. The nature of this technology is to overcome communication problems and increase their effectiveness.

Audiovisual systems – electronic means or a set of means that have sound and visual components. This type of technology is developing faster than any other business technology.

VTP Transexpo constantly monitors innovative technologies on the market and evaluates new audiovisual and multimedia systems, gains popularity and implements them in its work.

We provide a wide range of audiovisual systems such as:

  • conference system;
  • simultaneous interpretation system;
  • sound reinforcement system;
  • information display system;
  • TV and media content management system;
  • remote control system of the audiovisual complex;
  • technological video surveillance system.

Our company provides its clients with comprehensive AV solutions – from initial planning, requirements definition and also design of integrated audiovisual systems to commissioning and technical support of the project.

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Advantages of audiovisual complexes

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Whether in a meeting room or conference room, enjoying video on a giant screen of a soccer game, during distance education or watching an interactive video wall in the art gallery, we rely on high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use audiovisual technology.

Using its experience, VTP Transexpo helps its clients to define their needs, expectations and priorities, working within the available budget.

Our mission is to provide extraordinary audiovisual solutions for every client, even if it is a small installation such as a projector and screen, or complex video walls and a fully automated presentation system. We offer cost effective and user-friendly solutions suitable for the unique needs of your space and business.