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Communication systems

Communication process plays a very important role in the life of every person, because we cannot imagine a day without the exchange of information through various devices.

The communication system is a system that describes communication with many hardware and software.

In the field of communication systems, VTP Transexpo offers:

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What does a communication system consist of?

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Each communication system has several basic elements, namely:

  1. Source of information:

The source of information is the first step in this system. Any communication system is used to transmit a message or information. This message comes from a source of information.

  1. Transmitter: The function of the transmitter is to convert the message signal into a form suitable for transmission over a communication channel or device. This technique is called modulation.
  2. Channel: A channel is the device through which a message passes from transmitter to receiver. It can be either controlled or not.
  3. Receiver: The function of the receiver is to receive the signal and convert the message signal to its original form. This technique is called demodulation.
  4. Destination: The destination is the last step in the communication system. The message or information is spreading at the destination.

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