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An information technology system is typically a computer system (including hardware, software and peripheral equipment). That is operated by a limited group of users. IT systems include:

  • structured cable network;
  • local area network;
  • telecommunication system;
  • engineering infrastructure of the data center.

The key devices that store and transmit your information must be reliable in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

VTP Transexpo works closely with you to understand all the requirements and correctly develop a solution. They will include modern and innovative ideas to support your business.

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What does the IT system consist of?

  • Structured cabling system is a cabling infrastructure that provides an organized, standardized approach to cabling. Choosing the right structured cabling solution can affect a number of issues such as data transfer rates, network performance, power consumption, cost and so on.
  • Local area network covers a relatively small area, namely: group of houses, office buildings, colleges and universities, computer lab, etc. LAN is a group of computers or computer systems connected to each other that allows the exchange of necessary data.
  • Telecommunication system is a telephone line that communicates with a private telephone station (automatic telephone station). Every telecommunication company reviews its telephone systems and continually updates them to provide their customers with the latest technology. The automatic telephone station has numerous internal lines that allow subscribers to talk to each other.
  • The data center is the most important part of the modern engineering and technical system of the enterprise. It is designed to solve a wide range of information tasks that often require serious computer resources, and therefore powerful server and network equipment. The stable operation of the computer infrastructure can be organized only with the creation of an appropriate reliable engineering platform.


VTP Transexpo offers a full range of services in the field of development of a data center engineering infrastructure based on equipment from various manufacturers, from design to commissioning.