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Medical systems

As of today, medicine is growing rapidly. Medical institutions that establish and implement new technologies get more opportunities to provide better care and quality patient care. In addition, new technologies help to reduce costs, identify potential risks and improve operational efficiency.

In the field of medical systems, VTP Transexpo offers:

  • Telemedicine systems;
  • Personnel emergency call systems;
  • room video surveillance systems.

Among technological trends in the field of healthcare. The main place is occupied by “remote monitoring of patients”. This is the establishment of communication between doctors and patients on different territories. This includes telemedicine consultation, communication between different healthcare providers, remote home consultation.

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The next trend is the personnel emergency call system. It automatically notifies medicine staff if a patient needs help identifying a person. And helping to locate him or her in the hospital.

For the healthcare industry, the transition to video surveillance system allows hospitals to use the IT-network power of an institution to raise awareness. It helps doctors identify threats or misconduct before it can occur.

We choose only high quality systems!

The accumulated experience, knowledge and capabilities of VTP Transexpo allow us to provide a full complex in the sphere of medical systems. The use of the latest technologies has a positive effect on patient care and the operation of a medical institution in general.