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Sport systems

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In order to provide visitors on stadiums and arenas with truly impressive emotions. It is necessary to integrate in the hall high-quality and innovative audio, video and lighting technologies. After all, sports fans, promoters and all visitors want to be completely immersed in the atmosphere and enjoy what they hear and see, from the very beginning to the end.

Sport system is a set of integrated solutions for lighting, audio and video components. and access control to the territory of stadiums, arenas, sports complexes.

VTP Transexpo provides a full range of solutions for sport systems:

  • arena lighting system;
  • system of video boards and information banners (Arena video “Cube”);
  • stand sound system;
  • cash registers, ticket subsystem.

With our help, sport arenas can use the latest high-quality technology. They attract attention of guests and energize them to maintain team spirit. Besides, digital display and quality sound give fans an unforgettable factor.

Today’s sport arenas equipped with many informational banners and directions for visitors. They are necessary for information and orientation in the sport complex. Our digital signboards can help fans to get to the souvenir shops, concession stands, and return with ease with minimal delay.

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Access to sport complexes

The main entrances to the stadiums have to provide access for a large number of people to pass within a short period of time. For this, cash registers and a ticket subsystem are being introduced. Thanks to this, fans and visitors of the event will be able to get safely and quickly to the territory of the sport complex.

“VTP Transexpo” provides a full range of stadium access solutions. And ensures that thousands of fans can easily enter your stadium in a short frame time.