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Shopping and entertainment center “Respublika”

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Detailed description

“Respublika” – a whole country, united by a new format of trade, entertainment and lifestyle. This is the largest super-regional shopping and entertainment center in the country and the first indoor family entertainment center in Ukraine.

For the shopping center “Respublika” (Kyiv, V.Kiltseva st., 1) with a total area of 298 thousand square meters VTP Transexpo company has developed the fire protection concept and provided fire protection management support at all design stages of design for the following systems:

  • Automatic fire alarm system;
  • Sprinkler and drencher automatic fire extinguishing system.
  • Gas fire extinguishing system;
  • Public address and evacuation management system;
  • Mechanical and natural smoke exhaust system;
  • Fire protection dispatching;
  • Gas control system;
  • Development of fire protection concept;

And also installation works:

  • Fireproof treatment of building structures (286 thousand square meters of implemented works).