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Multifunctional shopping center “Sun Gallery”

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Detailed description

“Sun Gallery” is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Krivoy Rog.

Our company has developed the fire protection concept of the Object (Kryvyi Rih, 30th Anniversary of Peremohy Square, 1) and carried out fire protection management in design, construction and commissioning for the shopping and entertainment center “Sun Gallery” with a total area of about 23,6 thousand square meters.

“VTP Transexpo” Company acted as a contractor for the fire protection systems arrangement, having completed a set of installation and commissioning works for the following systems:

  • Automatic fire alarm system;
  • Public address system;
  • Drencher and sprinkler automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Gravitational smoke removal (skylights);
  • Mechanical smoke exhaust system.
  • Fire safety building management system;
  • Supply and installation of fireproof doors, gates, curtains.