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Business center «IQ»

Detailed description

“IQ” is a class “A+” business center in the Pechersky district of Kiev, where unique architecture and thoughtful content are combined with high technology and efficiency.

VTP Transexpo company developed the fire protection concept of the IQ business center (13-15 Strutinsky St., Kyiv), with a total area of ​​46.560 thousand square meters, and also provided fire protection management support this object at all stages of design, construction and commissioning.

In addition, a full range of installation and commissioning works was carried out for the following fire protection systems:

  • Automatic fire alarm system;
  • Public address and evacuation management system;
  • Automatic gas fire extinguishing system of the server rooms and electrical networks;
  • Sprinkler automatic fire extinguishing system;
  • Automatic extinguishing system of kitchen equipment
  • Intrusion alarm system;
  • Building management system (BMS).