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VTP Transexpo is the leader in the market of the security systems

VTP Transexpo is the leader in the market of the security systems

VTP Transexpo is the leader in the market of the security systems

The VTP Transexpo company is a recognized leader in the Ukrainian security systems market. The company is, first of all, project-oriented and system-integrating, providing all types of turnkey solutions and technologies. The priority and key areas of activity are all types of fire safety systems, including the development of conceptual solutions and comprehensive fire protection support for construction projects.

Important areas of our activity are also the areas of automation and dispatching of engineering systems of buildings, “Hi-Tech” information technologies, and development. and implementation of new advanced technologies for managing, monitoring and ensuring the safety of engineering systems.


The VTP Transexpo company has been operating since 1993 and has a stable positive reputation among its Clients and Partners, as evidenced by an impressive reference list of completed projects.

Our Partners are the world’s largest manufacturers of security systems (including brands such as SIEMENS, BOSCH, LEGRAND, PHILIPS, SONY, SAMSUNG, MITSUBISHI, NEDAP, COFEM and others.), and among our Clients, there are many companies, the largest government and commercial structures.

As of today, 235 highly qualified specialists of various profiles work in the company and its subsidiaries. The company structure is represented by specialized departments: sales and support departments, design department, service department, installation department and other functional departments (transport and logistics, packaging, labor protection and quality management, etc.)

The management system is built in such a way that it allows us to respond to all the wishes of Clients efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

Permanent partners are two specialized subsidiaries, which, together with VTP Transexpo, have a unified management and management system:

One of them, The “ Transat” Company, is focused on the production and distribution of products for security systems (video surveillance systems, access control, voice and alarm systems, fire alarms, fire monitoring). The company is a direct distributor of a number of well-known brands, such as BOSCH, SAMSUNG, NEDAP, COFEM and others. The “Firex” Company, which is a subsidiary of “VTP Transexpo” and also has a unified management structure, is focused on prompt interaction with Clients in the field of fire safety. The company’s activities are focused on industrial and warehouse facilities.

Due to the increasing number of cases of dissemination of false information about our company.

We inform you of the following:

  • In December 2009, the structure known as the “Transexpo Corporation”, which, along with the parent company “VTP Transexpo”, as equal partners, included the companies “Transat”, “Steelarm”  and “Tiso” there were organizational and legal changes, including a change in the composition of the founders. As of today, the founders of the “Transexpo Corporation” are the companies “VTP Transexpo” and “Steelarm”, which have different owners and management. This structure does not actually conduct independent activities aimed at further development. And is functionally designed to fulfill its obligations under previously concluded contracts.  We draw the attention of our Clients and Partners to the fact that the legal entity “Transexpo Corporation” does not have the ability to independently carry out any fire safety work due to the lack of the necessary personnel and the appropriate license to perform these types of work.
  • As a result of the reorganization of the corporation, there are no successors (including a changed distribution of areas of activity.), since initially the structure of the corporation was segmented and represented by equal partner companies operating in different areas of activity. In the segment of integrated implementation of fire safety, automation and dispatch systems, the company “VTP Transexpo” previously operated and continues to operate now.
  • We would like to emphasize and draw special attention to the fact that VTP Transexpo, with its established management model, has not organized any new corporations or mergers with other companies, including its subsidiaries. Any information about new associations and corporations with the participation of “VTP Transexpo”, its owners and management is unreliable information designed to mislead the potential Client. Any statements of legal entities and individuals about legal succession in relation to the activities of “VTP Transexpo” do not have any real force and are recognized as deliberate misinformation of the potential Customer.


Our company has always been distinguished by stability and transparency in relations with our Clients and Partners.

We make every effort to ensure that our Client is characterized by only two statuses in his relationship with us — Potential and Permanent. This position is the basis of our philosophy and the main condition of interaction with our clients. We are always open to any dialogue and cooperation. If you receive any questionable or unconfirmed information about our companies and the activities of VTP Transexpo, you can always contact the company’s management for comments by calling +380 67 4661717.

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